Smokey Quartz & Red Coral Necklace

Smokey Quartz & Red Coral Necklace


Ground, cleanse, and nurture your system’s natural ability to heal. Support and nourish your deepest channels while moving out any negative blockages that have you believing your anything less than a true blessing.

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Carved Red Coral and faceted Smokey Quartz with brass feather charm.

Coral represents diplomacy and is beneficial for quieting the emotions and fostering peace within the self. It stimulates intuition, imagination and visualization. Red Coral helps to bring one into harmony with the natural forces of the universe. It is said to protect one from depression and both opens and activates the Root Chakra providing the energy needed to achieve one’s pursuit.

Smokey Quartz Crystals are some of the premier grounding and anchoring stones. These stones are strongly protective and are excellent stones for all of us to keep within our aura at all times. Smokey Quartz works to align the chakras and remove energetic blockages. Its power lies in its ability to protect and ground one physically and spiritually to this world, and to absorb and transmute major amounts of negative energy and release it to the Earth.


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