Opalite & Coral Resin Necklace

Opalite & Coral Resin Necklace


Connect with the power of the sacred sisterhood of beauty recognition. At it essence, these pieces encourage recognition work between women and discourage in-fighting. Ease your relationship with the women in your life, and use to open enjoyable communication & opportunities for positive conversations.

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These new opalite and mixed metal pieces are locally handmade and featured during the 2019 Winston-Salem Fashion Week.

Opalite is oftern referred to as a Transformer crystal, helping us to change our lives in some manner. It is beneficial for interpretation of intuitive communication as well as clearing blockage from the chakras and meridians. It is an all around healing stone that fosters persistence and emotional strength and helps with verbalizing hidden or secret feelings. It corresponds to the Third Eye and Throat Chakras.

Red Coral represents diplomacy and is beneficial for quieting the emotions and fostering peace within the self. It stimulates intuition, imagination and visualization. Red Coral helps to bring one into harmony with the natural forces of the universe. It is said to protect one from depression and both opens and activates the Root Chakra providing the energy needed to achieve one’s pursuits.


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