Local Mint Smudge Bundles

Local Mint Smudge Bundles


These mint bundles were grown and harvested locally from our sacred garden

Mint has long been used for healing and protection. Mint has a cooling quality energetically and is excellent for breaking hexes and calling in good spirits. It can be laid around one’s home or property or placed on an altar. Some attributes of healing include financial, healing, strength, power, luck, and travel.

Check out some suggested ritual uses in the description below!

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Suggested Ritual Uses:

The instructions for the bundles: if you want them crunchy for burning, put in a paper bag in the dashboard of your car with the windows cracked an inch on a full-sun day. They will become toasty and the car will smell like money.

To bind away poverty mindsets save this cord around the bundle and use them in your binding work. All you need is a screw or a nail, or a twig. When you are confronted with the spirit of poverty or lack, wrap the screw/nail/twig with the cord while making prayers/setting your intention to bind away this spirit.

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