Joker: Loa/Saint Home (Advanced Ritual Work)

Joker: Loa/Saint Home (Advanced Ritual Work)


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Loa/Saint Homes & Houses
Handmade in Ceremony by Little Thunder

These Loa/Saint homes & houses are a type of spell/charm that helps the Spirits of our Land move when they’ve been dislocated by spiritual warfare, human warfare, environmental disturbances (natural or manmade), dimensional shifts, and pure curiosity. These homes have been mojo’d to invite specific spirits from the NOLA region, which have come into ceremony with shamans to ask for new spaces to inhabit. They promise to bring good music, good food, and lots of protection. They prefer a window arrangement so they can enjoy the cycles of the sun and moon, and you can make offerings to them in order to get to know your new housemates better. With the right intentions, you’ll be creating new relationships with spirit guides and allies who would love to talk, help, and make things right. Recommended for advanced users.

The Joker is the archetype of the divine spirit of laughter & merriment. Turn your tragedy into a comedy by inviting in the spirit of playfulness. Reclaim the spirit of your childhood. Highly recommend to survivors of childhood abuses of any type.
“Smile and the World Smiles with You”


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