Honey Jar Spell Kit

Honey Jar Spell Kit


Honey Jars are a type of spellwork used to sweeten a situation or attract a specific energy into one’s life (e.g. Love, Money, Good Luck, Favor, etc.) This kit includes a small jar, a piece of genuine virgin sheep skin parchment for your petition and a piece of clear quartz to amplify the energy of your intention. To get started: Write your well thought-out petition on the parchment, read this aloud while holding the quartz in hand, place both into the jar, then add the most important ingredient -— honey! 🍯

You can feel free to add sugar, cinnamon or other herbs to reinforce the energy of your work. Seal the jar and burn a small candle on top to activate the jar. It’s a good idea to make prayers on the candle as it burns to further strengthen the energy.

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