Bain Netwaje – Spiritual Bath

Bain Netwaje – Spiritual Bath


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Spiritual bathing is an key component of spiritual hygiene, and particularly so if you’re needing to experience a positive turn of luck or blessing. This Bain Netwaje is a powerful spiritual bath from Vodou tradition for cleansing & uncrossing your spirit and energy. It is custom prepared using sacred recipes from the tradition and blessed on the point of your name & birthday by vodouisant — RJ Walker. Each bath comes with detailed instructions for the bathing ritual. This IS NOT a batch of dry herbs. It is fully worked through an involved processed and because the baths are pre-blended they should be taken within 1 day of your receiving it. Follow the instructions completely to ensure a successful ritual.

NOTE: While it is called a bath — a tub is not required. Shower stall instructions will be included.


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