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    Labradorite Sphere

    Labradorite is a “Stone of Magic” helping to awaken and enhance one’s natural intuitive gifts. Wearing or keeping labradorite nearby can center one into constant awareness of the multiple layers of reality. It activates the inner eye, provides strength and balances polarities. Labradorite can be useful in uncovering deep hidden beliefs that affect us negatively and also creates a protective barrier around the around the aura. Corresponds to ALL chakras and the element of Air.
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    Nuumite Sphere

    A stone of the deep subconscious, Nuumite heals by illuminating ingrained programming that is unperceivable to our psyches. It is a great stone to use when traveling through the psychic veil. It is not particularly protective and is best used with other grounding stones like Black Tourmaline whenever possible.