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    Bay Leaves

    Bay leaves carry a charge that can quickly shift stagnant energy and raise vibration. Because of the energy they generate, they make for great banishing tools. Through prayerful intention you can write on the bay leaf what you’d like to attract or send away then burn the leaf entirely for a quick spell / ritual.
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    Labradorite Sphere

    Labradorite is a “Stone of Magic” helping to awaken and enhance one’s natural intuitive gifts. Wearing or keeping labradorite nearby can center one into constant awareness of the multiple layers of reality. It activates the inner eye, provides strength and balances polarities. Labradorite can be useful in uncovering deep hidden beliefs that affect us negatively and also creates a protective barrier around the around the aura. Corresponds to ALL chakras and the element of Air.

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    White Copal

    White Copal, sometimes called the sacrificial blood of trees, food for the gods, or smoke signal to the heavens — is both a spiritual and physical medicine. White Copal creates a divine smoke that can be used to raise energy and connects us to higher consciousness. This makes it an excellent smudge to use for meditation, the consecration of spiritual tools and creating sacred space for ritual or ceremony. White Copal quickly clears negative energy in exchange for a sweeter, higher vibrational shift in energy.