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    Agrimony is used in protection spells, to help build a psychic shield, to reduce the influence of another’s negativity and to banish negative energies and spirits. It is said to reverse harmful spells cast on you, causing them to rebound on the sender. Use in all protective sachets, spells and medicine bags. It can also be burned in banishing rituals or as a wash to cleanse the aura.

    It is especially useful in healing magic as it enhances the strength of all healing spells, especially at a distance. You could use it in a ritual bath before beginning, as a wash for your tools, burn it as an offering or fumigant or simply decorate your alter with it.

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    Rosemary Smudge

    Rosemary is a clarifying smudge used to clear the mind and open the heart. It is good to use to create a sense of focus and concentration and to connect during ancestral work. It can also help to invite the energy of blessing and healing of mind, heart, body & spirit.

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    Tree Agate Pocket Heart

    This stone hails from India and is considered a talisman in certain parts of Hindu traditions. Tree Agate’s primary objective is to calm frayed nerves and nourish the emotional body. It can be especially powerful to heal parent/child relationships and bring harmony to the family unit. Best used with Rose Quartz to heal mother/child relationships and great for connecting to the divine Mother Earth (Gaia). Corresponds to the Heart & Star Chakras