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    Tree Agate Pocket Heart

    This stone hails from India and is considered a talisman in certain parts of Hindu traditions. Tree Agate’s primary objective is to calm frayed nerves and nourish the emotional body. It can be especially powerful to heal parent/child relationships and bring harmony to the family unit. Best used with Rose Quartz to heal mother/child relationships and great for connecting to the divine Mother Earth (Gaia). Corresponds to the Heart & Star Chakras
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    Zoisite Necklace

    Zoisite is a powerful healer of the emotional body and can be used to reset one’s energy and return to a central sense of self. It is a great ally for those who have made emotional or romantic bonds that have clouded personal judgement. Zoisite has an energy that helps us to ’rebirth” and gain a better understanding of our circumstances. It has a strong life force energy making it good for building positive energy, particularly in the Heart Chakra. If you’re starting a spiritual path of enlightenment, Zoisite provides support by energetically “scrubbing” the heart and promoting expansion — which is key for spiritual development.