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    Five Finger Grass

    Five Finger Grass is a curio used to ward off evil and promote luck and favor. It can be carried when seeking employment, to attract love or a favorable outcome in a court case. You can make a mojo hand using it by adding it to a mojo bag, blessed with Florida Water or Hoyt’s Cologne; add some High John root and appropriate stone (ex: Citrine for money, Rose Quartz for love, etc.)
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    Low John Root

    Low John Root (also known as Court Case Root, Chewing John, or Little John) is known for bringing in good luck, especially to people trying to gain more money or win their case in court. This root can be added to a mojo bag and carried around as a protection talisman or it can be chewed and practiced with hoodoo spells, such as for uncrossing hexes from enemies or avoiding legal issues. The sweet ginger taste and aroma from this herb also serves as an aphrodisiac, which is why many people also use this root herb during love magic to promote higher sexuality and sensuality. Sold in 3/4oz Quantities