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    Sodalite & Hematite Necklace

    A Fancy Essential’s Creation Sodalite provides access to the subconscious and intuitive abilities and enhances insight and mental performance. It can be beneficial for forming new thought patterns and fostering self-discipline, efficiency, organization and structure. Sodalite is good for translating complex info in ways that are meaningful and useful. Sodalite can help one with integration and staying focused in the moment. It corresponds to the Throat & 3rd Eye Chakra and the Air Element. Hematite is a strong grounding stone that works to counteract spaciness and confusion. It can help one to see practical concerns and move forward with useful action. It is good for grounding energies from the higher realms into the physical world. Hematite is a stone of manifest union between Spirit and the world. It encompasses both yin & yang / male & female polarities and harmonizes them towards unity. It lends strength, courage and fortitude and corresponds to the Root Chakra.