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    Cord Cutting Ritual

    It is not uncommon to think that because you are “mentally” done with a person, situation or place even — that your work is done and you’re clear to move on. When we ignore or don’t tend to the other layers of attachment (the energetic, emotional & spiritual) we’re  almost bound to find ourselves in similar circumstances or back in the same situations. We are offering Cord Cutting the entire month of February for $55 (usually priced at $100)! The year is still fresh & you still have time to break the cycles that need to end. It’s time to get clear, frfr. This is a distance work ritual (you are not required to be physically present). It is done on an individual basis and performed by experienced and skilled spiritual workers. (This is not a group ritual). Each ritual will include a followup based on the energies discerned during the ceremonial work. If you’re ready to move forward from a person, place or situation — then this is the ritual for you!
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    Road Opening Group Ritual

    Road Opening is the spirtual work of creating opportunity and unlocking potential energy. It is a necessary & essential first step before any manifestation can be achieved. This group ritual will be performed by shamanic priest and vodouisant, RJ Walker — on the point and with the assistance of Papa Legba, “The Keeper of the Gate & Crossroad” and the “Opener of Roads” himself. If you have been experiencing resistance or blockage to your goals or desires, or want to create new opportunities in work, love, success and abundance, this group ritual will provide the spiritual support you need to step into newness.

    This group ritual is recommended for you if:

    • You want a new job
    • You want a new relationship / lover
    • You want to move/relocate
    • You want to travel / vacation
    • You want to create opportunities to succeed
    • You want to be open to more abundance

    Each participant will be asked to provide their Name, Birthday, and personal petition for the manifestation you seek to achieve & the roads you’re wanting to open. (Be sure to add your Birthday & Petition in the provided fields on the checkout page!) The group ritual fee will cover a personal candle dressed & blessed in your behalf as well as contribute altar offerings for the group service.

    Your newness awaits 🛣️ 🌱