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    Cord Cutting Ritual

    It is not uncommon to think that because you are “mentally” done with a person, situation or place even — that your work is done and you’re clear to move on. When we ignore or don’t tend to the other layers of attachment (the energetic, emotional & spiritual) we’re  almost bound to find ourselves in similar circumstances or back in the same situations. We are offering Cord Cutting the entire month of February for $55 (usually priced at $100)! The year is still fresh & you still have time to break the cycles that need to end. It’s time to get clear, frfr. This is a distance work ritual (you are not required to be physically present). It is done on an individual basis and performed by experienced and skilled spiritual workers. (This is not a group ritual). Each ritual will include a followup based on the energies discerned during the ceremonial work. If you’re ready to move forward from a person, place or situation — then this is the ritual for you!