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    Rosemary Smudge

    Rosemary is a clarifying smudge used to clear the mind and open the heart. It is good to use to create a sense of focus and concentration and to connect during ancestral work. It can also help to invite the energy of blessing and healing of mind, heart, body & spirit.

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    [Audio Book] Stone People: An Introduction to Stone Medicine

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    A Kindred Spirits’ original introductory book of stones & their medicinal properties.  Stone People: An Introduction to Stone Medicine is a Eurastic Shamanic Lineage System manual with which you can familiarize yourself with a breadth of healing crystals and gemstones. Based in the Chakra System, this manual is an excellent base on which to build your confidence with utilizing these healing modalities.
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    “Weerd-Gee” Ouija Board

    Our one-of-a-kind “Weerd-Gee” Boards are handcrafted locally by Jack Pennington and our shaman, Antonina Whaples. Our goal in creation was to create a light-weight, portable, and spiritually safe divination tool based on the ouija board. All the cloth used was worn and owned by Antonina and has been programmed so that only positive and friendly spirits can be contacted through use. Each board is made on a unique piece of up-cycled fabric.