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    Annual Insight Reading

    The ending of a year and the beginning of the next is an especially charged time for divination and spiritual readings. This transitional time moves us into the thresholds and crossroads of our personal lives. And the need for discernment is high! Our Annual Insight Readings are offered once a year from December to January to help you unpack the energetic themes of the prior year and look into the year ahead.

    These in-depth readings are done by RJ Walker, local shaman, vodouisant and skilled diviner. In each reading we will go thru month-by-month to unearth the energetic blueprint of the year. Invaluable insights are provided so that you can know what times might be best to align and execute on your personal goals, as well provide advance caution or warning for “need to know” occurrences within the year.  If you don’t get any other readings — this is the one to get! And come ready to take notes to reference as you move throughout the year 📝 📆

    Appointments are limited and will be scheduled with you directly after processing your order.