Piczanka Tarot Pre-Order

About the Project

The Piczanka Tarot Deck is a deck that teaches the lessons of the Tarot through the eyes of displaced people. Specifically, this deck is based on the lessons of the lineage artist and Shaman, Antonina Whaples has processed through her personal and spiritual experiences as the granddaughter of a Holocaust survivor. The deck’s name refers to the work camp that her Babcia was interned in during WWII.

As a Shaman in a family lineage, Antonina has received information and instruction from her ancestors throughout her life, and the conception of this deck came from her maternal great grandfather as a way to process the trauma and grief held in her ancestral lineage. Part of the honoring work that this deck hopes to achieve is to pass along this lineage information through visual images. True to lineage tradition, this deck also promises users with an open mind and a healer’s heart, transmissions of information that can only be discerned through cultivation and use of the deck’s energy.

Another aspect of the work that this deck hopes to achieve, is to give voice to the trauma of all displaced persons, holding open the door for healing, which can only happen by facing and accepting the images and lessons that those who have held these roles and archetypes through a truly difficult path.

This deck will award its users and supporters by bringing this lineage information to the forefront of our collective memory, and by providing a tool to access pieces of our hearts and minds that need this healing. Only those who can respect these hard-won lessons will reap the rewards that this deck offers.

This release will be the 1st Edition full run of the deck with custom finished tuckbox. The full deck release is expected to ship Early 2021!